The Fitual Anywhere is a subscription-based online studio platform that allows you to access The Fitual’s signature wokrouts (Fitual, Ritual, 30/30, Pre & Post Natal). We also offer Fitual Anywhere exclusive classes such as, Live classes, Ballet Flow, Relax.


We provide a new set of weekly classes so you can keep reaching your goals anywhere. With over 150 filmed classes on The Fitual Anywhere, everyone will find a fitness ritual that works them. Experience our uniquely designed workouts, Anywhere!



The Fitual Anywhere

“I feel so strong and proud after every class. The community is amazing, too.”

“The music, instructors, and it’s a fun time! Plus you get results.”

“The Fitual team put together the most amazing resource. It’s a huge library of classes, I’m too busy and distracted to put together my own workout, I just have to press play and I am instantly motivated and smiling. My mental health and physical health has taken a swing in a very positive direction since joining The Fitual Anywhere.”

“I’ve only been doing The Fitual Anywhere for a month and a bit now and I’m absolutely loving it! If it wasn’t for this option, I would not have gotten my groove back into being active. It is so well put together, fun, easy to follow, and challenging.”

“The Fitual Anywhere has been one of the greatest gifts throughout this pandemic. It’s allowed me to keep moving with Chal. Anytime of day! With so many amazing workouts to choose from!”

“I feel stronger than I have ever felt, and I have my posture back!”

“It’s so challenging yet fun!”

“My favourite hour of the day! Full body movement and has me more aware of my alignment.”

“It makes my feel strong and in tune with my body.”

"I love that the classes are fast-paced and keep me engaged. I love that I can do them with almost no equipment. I love the variety. It got me exercising again after way too long!"

“My butt was a pancake Jan 1st 2020, now it's Dec 31st 2020 and it’s a nice peach so thank you for that!”

"The Fitual Anywhere was an absolute necessity during my 2nd pregnancy. I can confidently say being able to workout safely and properly definitely attributed to how amazing I felt during my pregnancy, my labour and delivery as well as my recovery I’ve worked out my entire life but I have learned so many crucial tips from Chal that have helped me recover properly after two babies. Chal and her team are just an email away.”

“WOW I'm LOVING TFA! And I love seeing the ways people are using it. My one criticism is that your playlists are so good I get distracted by dancing!”

“The Fitual offers so many modifications so I can still feel good about myself while doing a fun workout. Thank you for making this an option for people to do from home!”

“I feel so grateful for The Fitual Anywhere. To be able to get a workout in at anytime of the day has been life saving! The Fitual workouts are my absolute favourite and the BEST workout out there. I love that there many different lengths of workouts, but they all have the same GREAT feeling. I highly recommend adding The Fitual Anywhere to your workout regime.”

"TFA has been amazing at getting my strength back after two babies. I love that there are so many different options of workouts. I really enjoy being able to switch it up between cardio focused or more slow strength focused! Loving TFA!"

“Chalnessa cares and it shows in her cues for how to take it up or down and so many class lengths, I love that I can do just a 25-minute class or get in a full hour."

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