Return to Fitness


In this private session, you’ll learn about some of the changes that have occurred over the last 9 months and why it’s important to ease back into your new and powerful postpartum body. The Safe Return to Fitness session was created to teach the new mom how to heal and restore her core before jumping back into regular activities.

One of The Fituals, pre and postnatal fitness specialist, will customize and guide you through exercises that engage the deepest core muscles and help rebuild the pelvic floor. We will ensure that you’re truly benefiting from your workouts, teach you about alignment, modify your exercises based on your individual needs, and most importantly, help you to identify the exercises that are making your core weaker. This session is ideal for anyone dealing with diastasis rectis, prolapse or any other pelvic floor symptoms or just the mama looking to safely build her strength from the inside out.

The one-on-one setting allows you to bring your little one along while being able to focus on yourself.

* Private Classes Available