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I highly encourage all my clients to be seen by a pelvic floor therapist either during pregnancy or postpartum.

Donna Sarna Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Prota Clinic



Is The Medically Recommended Online Exercise Program that helps moms gain confidence in how their body looks, works, and feels.



  • Jamie Wheaton (Donaldson) at Prota Clinic : Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Jaime Angus at Donna Sarna Physiotherapy: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
  • Nova Physio
  • Dara Morden - naturopathic dr
  • Equilibrium: Massage Therapy
  • Family Acupuncture Wellness Clinic
  • A Prairie Doula: Doula services, hypnobirthing and Spinning Babies for Parents
  • Midwive's Association of Manitoba
  • Nest Family Centre
  • Birth Roots: Doulas and prenatal classes