I truly feel that when you step on the Mega, it provides you with a space where you can come back to yourself. Your focus shifts inwards, it connects you back with your mind, body & breathe all at the same time. I feel that our lives are often so busy, and fast paced, the Mega allows for you to slow everything right down, and really focus on just being present in each moment. I love how each client really gets to explore their inner strength, and trust me when I say that those shakes are for real! The Fitual is home to so many amazing humans, and I love when I see them finding their strength.

Favourite MEGA move?

There are too many goodies! I would have to say that my favourite MEGA move currently has to be snake! I love that it feels different for my body every time, and that is always giving me something to work towards. It really forces me to stay in something that feels hard or uncomfortable, in order to get strong. I have to get out of my own head when I start counting down the seconds, literally (lol), and just focus on where I am at in that given moment. Ohh, did I mention those sculpted abs from all that fire in your core, the best!

What can one expect from your class?

A class that is fluid, supportive & form focused. An opportunity for you to get out of your head, and come back into your beautiful body.

"choose the challenge, accept the change"

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