What is your go-to class at The Fitual?

Although I love the Fitual and Mega both, I'd have to say Mega because of how energized and refreshed I feel after. Always leaves me sweating, shaking and sore for days!

Favourite move?

I love lot's of Mega moves but if I had to pick one it would be single leg deadlifts on the back of the machine. I love the way the Mega works your core and whole body. This one really burns the booty and core!

What do you love about working at the studio?

I love working with empowering women who inspire me daily. I love seeing and getting to know clients personally and seeing their process. The BEST place to work, I love it here!

Favourite thing to do outside of work?

My favourite things to do aside from work and school are definitely to be outside and be at the lake in the summer. I love to swim, hike and workout. I love spending time with loved ones and family.

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