Growing up I was a competitive swimmer and was in the pool 12 hours a week. Ever since stopping I was looking for something that I felt just as passionate about. When The Fitual opened 2 years ago I was immediately in love!


As someone who has lots of old sports injuries I was excited to find a studio that truly prioritized form and safely building strength, I was hooked! I love teaching Mega because I get to lead a killer class that leaves clients feeling strong and confident. There is truly nothing like seeing a client smile with pride when they finish a workout!

Favourite MEGA move?

My favourite Lagree move is a twisted kneeling crunch, I love an oblique burn!


What can one expect from your class?

A welcoming, positive space for all clients to challenge themselves and feel proud of what their body is capable of!”

"Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, show up for yourself!”